To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die/ WIW

You must know by now that I always wear things that are comfortable. I say this because I don't go out and buy something because I think its pretty. I ask myself a ton of questions like; will I be comfortable in this, will it keep me warm, is it cosy, is the material cheap looking, do I need this etc. These questions really do keep me from spending too much because I like saving my money. I save it so I can get the things I really like much more faster & easier.

First of all I absolutely love my boots. I've been looking everywhere for boots before the winter sale was over and then I saw these babies and had to get them. They keep my feet so warm and they are extremely comfortable. Secondly, the bag and the watch are given to me by my mom. She bought the bag in the 80s and the watch even before that but she kept them ever since and since I'm a vintage lover I couldn't resist! Aren't they pretty?! Lastly, this owl necklace was given to my mom by our neighbor at the states. It was so nice of her to give such a beautiful necklace that now I get to use!
Blouse: Gift
Jeans: ADL
Cardigan: LCW
Boots: Bambi
Bag: Vintage
Watch: Vintage
Necklace: Gift/Vintage