What I Found #12



I've been putting these to my favorites after seeing some of them on other blogs or just coming across to them on the net while I'm just maybe looking for something else. Even though I have never done online shopping (yes, that is correct) it doesn't really stop me from swooning over some of these beauties. A couple of reasons why I haven't tried online shopping yet are: 

1. I can't buy anything unless I see them on me.
2. I don't work therefore I must rely on my parents and my mom does not trust the internet (my dad doesn't mind that much).

So once I can leave these two things behind me I can find out what I've been missing out on. I actually don't really feel the need to shop online anyways because I can find most of the things I need in the mall or the local shops. But of course most of the time they are imported so they are really expensive but I'm a shop at sales kind of person so it doesn't really bother me. And of course we always have turkish bazaar, we can always find things there but not as rich in quality of course (but cheap). Anyways, if you are an online shopper I hope you like the stuff I picked out and maybe you'll like it enough to buy it! :) 

Have a nice week! Stay tuned for upcoming awesomeness!