What I Found #6: Fred Flare

So today I found out about this awesome website that have so many things that I like and I just decided to share some with you guys and I believe that you are going to love them too because this place is literally AWESOME. So here I am dedicating this WIF post to Fred Flare.
Cupcake Bandages: $9.50
Frozen Smiles: $10
Diana Mini Map w/ Flash: $109.95 (this item is on sale now!)
Ice Cream Lamp: $40
Natural Wonders Satchel: $48
Neff Cupcake Beanie: $30
Mini Cupcake Maker: $32 (I have to say that this item is definitely my fave!!)

There are much more items that I like but I had to choose my really favorite ones. I think it came out pretty good, I just hope I get that cupcake maker!