What I Wore: Stripes of Autumn

Sweater: Thrifted
Shirt: USPolo
Bracelet: c/o Twillypop
Purse: Blanco
Hair Clip: Thrifted

I have my own personal style that I would like to share with you. You might or might not find it fashionable. I tend to dress according to my mood or the weather of course. Since it is Autumn I wanted to take some photographs of one of my outfits that I certainly enjoyed wearing. I find sweaters really comfortable and I just can't stop wearing them. The other thing I wanted to say that the bracelet I'm wearing is probably my favorite. Twillypop sent it over to me a while back (I won it in a giveaway) and I just couldn't stop wearing it! I find the chevron idea very clever :)
Also, I have to say that the heart shaped purse is one of my favorite purses because it is very tiny and whenever I don't feel like bringing along anything but my cell phone, lipstick & some money I tend to use this purse! It was also a present from my sister she got it from Spain which makes it even more valuable.

PS: Have you realized my awesome new hair. My sister & my mom did it for me!