Clothing Swap Turkey, 06.04.2013.

After relaxing down a bit from studying for mid-terms and taking at most 4 hours of my day going to and back from school I finally have time to do a post. Yippie me!  Anyways for whoever is following me on twitter know that I sacrificed one of my days to study to head over to an event, that I have wondered about for long time, in the city (I kind of live on the outskirts of Istanbul). So this event was the Clothing Swap which is done all over the world for charity purposes. It was their anniversary so they wanted to have a party and include all different kinds of stations like; graffiti wall, sangria, arts & crafts etc. We brought in 15 pieces and had a blast while choosing our items and being overly excited while others were taking out stuff home!
We had a couple of coupons left over which my mom and sister used for Sangria (wine punch typical of Argentina, Spain and Portugal). 
The graffiti wall was also build up by white t-shirts that people brought in. We left in early so this was just the beginning. If you want to see the finished version of this you can head over to the Clothing Swap Turkey page on Facebook and check it out and even look at other things that I missed. By the way I hear the 16th event will be in Berlin so if you are near the area please check it out, all the items that are left behind are put in boxes and donated.