Collection: Film Cameras (Goal Recap)

Many of you know that I love to take photographs, especially film. Last year my mom opened up her stuff from her childhood/teenage years and she gave me 4 of her film cameras. I had already shot with one of them when I was in 7th grade in America but then digital became soo popular in seconds that we switched to it also.  Shooting with my moms film camera (Canon Prima TwinS) after such a long time was definitely a crazy experience. I didn't know if it worked or how the photos would come out but I just kept shooting. Of course they turned out pretty cool and had me addicted to it. Seeing my addiction turn into lovely photographs made me happy and made my family members see how happy this hobby made me. Therefore my grandmother gave me 2 cameras that were lying around her house. Gosh I was so happy that day! That was the day that I met my Smena 8m! 

 After a while everyone knew that this was truly a hobby that I was very exited about. My cousin told me she had a Polaroid Impulse laying around the house somewhere that she could hand over to me. I just thought "well this is my lucky day" :) She told me the film is really tough to find and I told her I would try my best to find it! (No luck so far! It uses 600 film, I know Impossible Project has them but they are pretty expensive)

Slowly my camera collection was getting bigger but I still didn't have a camera that could give me really fine results. So I went out and bought myself Zenit 122. It was cheep and it had all the features I needed. Right now its my "go to" camera because I know it won't let me down. 

Just recently I received 2 cameras from my uncle. He gave me his Agfa Optima 200 and Henrycon A-8000s. I'm overly delighted for these because now I can cross off something from my goals of 2013! You can see what I'm talking about by clicking HERE.

Photography is a shelter to me. I could always count on it to make me feel safe in this world, knowing that not everything is bad and I have the power to capture the beautiful things. Having a hobby that can bring you up when your down is a great feeling. Have a great day!