Istanbul on Film #2

Hey guys! Yesterday I got a roll of film developed and I thought I share a couple of photos I took around Istanbul. The last time I put photos of Istanbul was all the way in November, you can see them here. These are from June, you can see that it gets really beautiful around here in Summer :) If you want to know where a photo is from I'll be happy to answer you so ask away in comments (maybe you'll visit one day!). I did some experimenting this time with double exposure and accidently triple exposure. But of course I'm loving the results of my accidents. I feel like accidental things are the cherry on top in film photography.  Oh I almost forgot to say that I took these photos with my lovely Smena 8m (fully manual, lomo)!
Hope you like them and be sure to visit my FLICKR page for more!

PS: I have made a notice on the side of my blog that all of the photos used on this blog belong to me unless stated otherwise so please do NOT use any of my photos without my consent. I know my readers won't do this but there are a lot of other people on the net who take advantage of these things. And everyone should get credit for what they do and thats the right way to do it. Anyways I'm off, have a nice time until I come back! :)