English Home, Love.

Another rainy day here. Oh well, it won't stop me from making the best of it. Anyway I have been buying new things for our room (me and my older sisters) recently like bedspread, pillows, sheets etc. So I thought that the best place would be English Home! Me, my mother and my grandmother (who is 82) went there to get some beautiful stuff. The sales person helped us a lot with our choice but of course first they asked me what I would like. Also, they had a huge sale so we were pretty lucky! Now we have a wonderful room! I told my mom that we should buy 2 of the same things because I thought it would look really weird if they were different. So now our room is a little bit more finished. So as we bought them my grandmother decided that she wanted a set for her self too! So while she was choosing I took photos of things that I would want to see in my room in the future.
 This whole set I fell in love with but mostly the pillow in the middle. Isn't it gorgeous?
 Those cupcake patterned boxes!
This corner, how everything is so well put together *sigh*.
This last photo is all of our bags, the things we took home! They do not involve the any of the above items.