Turkish Bazaar

Today I'm seriously really tired and not feeling so well. So I got up perfectly fine and me and my mother decided to go to the bazaar which is a bus ride from here but a long one. Anyway there I got 3 beautiful scarfbands for my hair (I will do a post about those, soon). What are scarfbands you say? Well they are actually scarfs but I'm going to use them as headbands so I call them scarfbands. Maybe there is an already invented word for it. So the bazaar was extremely crowded from how it was last week (it happens once every week) and to give you an idea of how it is there are some photos that I took last week. Actually I brought my camera today but there was no way that I could take it out, there are no words to explain the crowd. 
 Watch stand. So many styles, but I don't really like watches.
 Jewellery, they have so many interesting things for cheap prices remember the numbers you see on here are Turkish lira. You might want to convert it to your own currency! So if we think about 1.50tl it would make 90cents. Not bad.
 These were my fave! Love the green one with the chamomiles I begged my mother for one but she thought it would be useless and she's the one who makes the tea here folks! But I think I'll convince her soon. their price $5.40 :) 
 Spring is definitely here. Look at all these tops! I got one with ice-cream pattern, sweet right?
One of the cutest pattern ever, cats everywhere :o

So here is a little bit of the bazaar taken with my mothers phone! Hopefully they are ok quality for you. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts coming to you every time I get a chance :)