What I Found! #1

I have been going through the net to find beautiful things and this week I think I'm in love with what I have found. While summer is approaching a lot of things have started to come in color and I love color. Also I love soft and vintage colors so this season I have seen lots and lots of it. Interestingness is also a great factor for me so here comes the little treasures.

1.Flapper Playing Telephone/Sweater Clips Etsy-flapperdoodle 2.French Baguette Earrings Etsy-PetitPlat 3. Placement Floral Dress Oasis 4.Lace Share Top Modcloth 5.Mr Owl Purse Etsy-Titina 6.Yellow Crochet Women's Classic Toms  7. Lomo Diana+Dreamer UrbanOutfitters