J'adore Chocolatier&Patiesserie

On Friday a couple of friends and I got together and decided to hang out at Taksim. One of the places in Istanbul. It's a bit far from my house about 2 hours. Actually it would take less if they were no traffic but what can I do, it's Istanbul. 
So we decided to go to a cute little café there called J'adore. I had never been there before but some of my friends have. They said that the deserts and drinks were worth to be eaten and drunk. I don't know if that is the right way to explain how tasty the things were. Of course I had my camera with me because I wanted to show that Istanbul has more good sides than bad ones. There are so many cafes like this that you'll totally enjoy if you ever happen to come and see this beautiful enormous city!
 Don't you just love my friend Hilal's cat eye sun glasses!
My friend Hilal brought this fan with her and we had so much fun taking photos while we sat! This one is my fave. She is Gökçe, my other friend. I love her green eyes! 
 Protest going on at Istiklal Cad, Taksim. It's normal so no worries.
Took a photo of this cute little dog that was sitting on this vintage chair outside of a cute little vintage store. I'm definitely going back there soon!