What I Found #3

We have been having really great weather lately and this made me happy. Today I lost something and I'm sad about it. Trying to forget it but my mother is pretty sad about it too. She thinks I'm not responsible enough. Well I'll make her believe otherwise, soon, again. Anyway I had finals today and I was pretty dead beat and didn't know what I was doing most of the time. I guess the sun got to me. I'm literally melting and I melted on the road because I use public transportation to get to school and it takes about an hour and half. Yes I know it sucks, really bad. So it is time to post the little treasures I have found or came across on the net!

1. Sunday Morning Classic Dress Ruche 2.Seahorse Bracelet Blanco 3.Jade with Love Dress Modcloth  4.White Clutch Etsy:FASHIONRERUN 5.Handbag Zara  6.White Leather Oxfords Etsy:gottabvintage 7. Oxford Shoes 1970s Etsy:WearitWellvintage