Today is a Gift and That's Why We Call It a Present ♥

 Coming home from school and seeing the package I've been waiting for on my bed is the greatest thing ever! A blogger, Tea, who is absolutely lovely sent me these awesome goodies that I was lucky to win :) I was planning on doing a post today but wasn't really up for it or inspired because I just started going to school again after a 40+ days of vacation so I was pretty tired. Nevertheless, I took my photos and here I am. 
Firstly I just wanted to say that she wrote a lovely card for me with a bunch of cute stickers inside which made me smile A LOT! Thank you Tea you are the cutest and I love your blog too!
In the order of the photos I got a couple of Asian Face Masks, Polka Dot Hairtie (I absolutely adore it but my hair is too short to pull that off !), a cute bag from Claire's full of Asian Candy and House Shaped Tin Can, Etude House-Carrot Cheesecake Blush and Pretty Pink Nail Polish, Fimi Facial Foam and Tomatox Brightening Mask.
 That was quite a list but I saved the best for last haha! (The Geek Glasses) =^.^=