She's Thin, She's Blonde, She Says "Wow" A Lot ♥

After the very first episode of season one of Skins I knew my favorite character would be Cassie. She wore lovely clothes and her expressions were different than everyone. And I like different. She said wow and lovely a lot, and I thought that was brilliant for the writers to put into this character. Her love towards Sid was really fun to watch even though it made her do something very aweful (I won't give any spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched it yet). I know the quality of the photographs are not great but I couldn't find better ones unfortunately :/
These are all from Cassie's episode. When you watch the episode you can really see into the details. She wears high socks, cute skirts with lovely shoes. The most interesting detail for me was that she always wore her watch on her ankle, I thought that was pretty cool.
Here you can see her glittery tights and she put her jacket on ther legs which is also glittery and gold. Oh and I also loved how she had that monkey on her neck the whole party (if I'm correct).
This scene was really touching and the outfit choice was perfect for me. She wore white with pinkish glittery tights and over it she wore net socks. The best thing is the shoes, I'm actually looking for a similar pair now.
She was so beautiful in this scene with her hat and "Kurt Cobain" sunglasses. Which I am also on the hunt for aha.
Grey but still sparkling.
This was one of my faves from Season 2. This whole combo is great. Who wouldn't want to wear a shirt with a big ribbon on it and pair it up with the most gorgeous red skirt and green high socks? I know I would (If only I had all the things that she was wearing in this scene).
Black and gold striped dress which looked really good in this scene with her sporty red jacket.
Here I really loved her shoes which are also gold and her sparkly pink jacket also suited the whole concept of being Cassie.


PS: I don't know if I lined the photographs correctly in the order of the episodes but I tried to remember as much as I could :) See you later!