My Can't Live Without Make-Up

 I suppose I could start off by saying that I don't do a lot of make-up and I'm really not that into it but I do have certain things that I basically can't live without. First is my eyeliner. I definitely need to have a good eyeliner that won't smudge like an hour after I put it on and Golden Rose is definitely helping me out with this one. Secondly I always need my lipstick. I never use light colors because it really doesn't suit me. I always go for red or any (dark) shade of red. So thats why I have my Max Factor lipstick and as you can see (in the photo below) I don't have much left of it and its killing me. Actually it was killing me until I found a replacement. Kate Moss 107. All I can say that is that this lipstick is the bomb. Cherry bomb! And lastly, my primer and eye shadow. Before I didn't really use eye shadow that much because I was either being lazy or maybe I just didn't feel like it but since I got this Mua Primer I have been really enjoying the whole look. And the reason for that is because the Primer really makes the eye shadow more vibrant and I think thats exactly what I'm looking for.

I mostly use nude colors for eye shadow and I'm really loving this one I got from Avon. It has all the shades I need. Since they are all in harmony with each other I could also mix the colors up which gives me a whole new look.

These are basically what I use when I do make-up. I tend to leave my face alone most of the time because I don't want acne and I don't want my face to feel comfortable with make-up. Oh and I tend not to buy make-up until I finish what I have but sometimes I do make exceptions :) 

Have a wonderful week and welcome to all my new followers! 
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