What I Found #5

I had a short vacation which I will do a post about soon and today I just want to share with you guys on what I have found online that I really would love to own someday. I think that people are getting really creative day by day and I'm just really surprised at the things we can find online. Hope you like them too. 

1. World Map Handbag- RenkliTasarimlar $57 2.Vintage 1940s Shoes- honeytalkvintage $100 3.La Sardina DIY- Lomography $166 4.Owl Bag-Modcloth $39.99 5.Colourful Latticed Slim High-Waist Shorts- Romwe $45.99 6.Spike Bra-Romwe $35.50

Rome: Part 1

Hello everyone! I have decided to not make a post because I have to but because I think it is fun and recently I haven't been thinking anything. Today I thought to spend some time here and share the rest of my Eurotrip. I have been making posts about Valencia (part:1-part:2) and Paris (1-2-3-4) but now it's time for Rome! Which is another wonderful city that I had a chance to visit. Here are some of the photos from our trip.

 Me sitting on the steps of Piazza di Spagna. It was a bit cold thats why I was wearing gloves (It was February)
 The view from Piazza di Spagna.
 Piazza di Spagna.
 On our way to Vatican City.
 There was a carnival going on so we stopped for an hour or so and enjoyed all the interesting things happening. This is my sister!
The rest of the photos I took while going to Vatican City. I thought that they showed what Rome was actually all about. The mini restaurants, bikes and of course Vespa. I have a collage coming to you of how many of these bikes there were but I'll be sharing that at the end! Hope you enjoyed my short post, I will continue.
PS: You can find some of my Italy, Rome photographs on my Flickr page!