Collection: Life Magazine 1960s Issues 11-20

I'm back with the 60s and I'm really enjoying it. If you've missed the first part of this post I assure you its wonderful and you should definitely check it out HERE if you enjoy vintage, 60s and fashion. While taking the photographs for this post I thought to myself that I am surely born in the wrong time. I mean I am very delighted of the past from its fashion, music, cinema to its relationships and usage of language. Even in this time I tend to have interest in records, turntables, past tv shows and movies and vintage clothing etc. 
Suit and Coat Models for 1960s Spring: I love the fact that a couple of these are from Christian Dior, it shows how rooted it is. Also I found it very entertaining that they explained the color of the suits and coats but the page is black and white. I think this probably expanded the imagination of many of its buyers. I mean there is like a ton of shades for colors. You can't just say a simple blue for turquois.
Spring Clothing from Suits, Leather Jackets and Coats: Besides the fashion sense of this page what I really enjoy is the first photo on the right side of the page. I mean isn't the way she's standing very funny. I would never pose like that :)
Cocktail Dresses of the Spring Season: This page I'm in love with. Especially with the first photo on the top left of the page and the photo with the striped dress is absolutely gorgeous. Also isn't it incredible that we actually had a come back of the same type dresses on the bottom right of this page? I think it is. Past is definitely the future.
Various Spring Clothing: Fantastic I must say. Everything looks fine made :) Although it is weird to take a photo with just the leg of a statue.. Anways, yolo.
Simply exquisite! I would totally wear the last one if I was tall enough to pull it off :)
FASHION Pierre Cardin's Spring Line: I love seeing familiar names in old magazines. Its pretty cool how far they have come in their line and they are probably going to live on forever. Anyways have you seen how incredibly chic that lace covered/collared coat is? Somebody throw that on me! :)
The Night Dresses of this Year are Long Again: I don't care if they are long, they sure are pretty. I gotta say my fave is the 5th one on the top line. I can't say no to polka-dots :) 
Norman Hartnell The Tailor of the Queen of England: Well, not much to say about this set besides the fact that everything is obviously one of a kind.
Nina Ricci: It says that this famous tailor used chemisettes for most of her designs and I could totally see it. I mean it sure became a signature for her and she used it well. Very well indeed.
4 Models from Christian Dior: Dior seemed to know where to find beautiful women to carry his wonderful designs.
Pierre Balmain: My fave from the bunch is the one with the bows on the bottom right :)

Hope you had a good read because it was fun for me to write. I always believe I should've been born in the 60s and spend my teenage-young adult years during the 70s-80s but no can do. At least the 90s was okay but the 2000s have really lost it. What year do you think you belong to? I would love to know!

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