What I Found #4

My finals have come to an end today but I still have to do some studying as I might have not passed from one. I'm not sure yet because I'm waiting for my exact score but I think I still have to take another exam. Anyway. Today it was extremely hot and I was literally melting. I'm usually not the sweater but today it was impossible not to sweat. It's okay though I live in peace with my body but obviously the outside world doesn't because I got the sun to my head again! I slept today a lot and still sleeping while I'm writing this post. Such a sleepy head. Sorry guys. So I found a couple of things on the net that I would really love to have and one them I'm in a give away for. Who knows maybe I'll win. By the way I really want to host a giveaway right now but I feel like I should wait for a while. It's too soon.
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Paris: Part 4

I haven't written here in a while and I'm really sorry about that, I was just taking some time off since it has been a hard year. Finally summer is here and I'm practically catching up on tv shows and movies also started this blog of course. Since I have been sharing with you guys my wonderful trip to Spain, France and Italy today I decided to finish of the rest Paris. If you are a new reader you may find the last post I made about this trip HERE and use the links on those post to get to the beginning! So the last post involved Louvre which I had so many photographs of but could only share some of it and I thought it was enough to give the idea, everyone knows how awsome Louvre is. So lets go on from there.
You can find this photograph on my Flickr
Isn't Notre Dame so beautiful?
This was our last stop in Paris. I think this was the best trip I ever had and I'll never forget about it. I really want to go again but this time in summer. I wan't to walk around without my toes frozen haha! 

Oh, I also took this awsome photo with bokeh. Which you can find on my Flickr page!