Collection: Life Magazine 1960s Issues 1-10

This collection is my grandfathers and he collected about 52 issues of this magazine and they are all so wonderful. I love vintage. I love the 60s. Having said that I know a lot of people would agree with me that these are just very very delicate images. I decided to share them so you can get a glimpse of the fashion from that time. These magazines are of course in my own language but I believe its called LIFE in english. I'll try to translate some of the titles on the fashion pages, maybe you'll find them interesting. Also, I'll make a comment of what I like best from the page and I would like to see your thoughts also :)
How Should Teenage Girls Dress?: I really like the title of this one because it calls out to young girls like me and it just automatically grabs my attention. My fave is the one with the white hat and the really lovely dress. I just think the dress is really feminine and it ends really smoothly giving that small waist and wide shoulders look.
Models From Chanel: Well who wouldn't want to see the old Chanel? I would. All three are pretty tied up for me but I really like the fact that they used bows and ties.
1960's Spring Fashion: The first thing I saw here was the hats. I like hats but I only liked two of them here because the others very too long on the top head part. I'm just not a big fan of hats being that long! So that narrows it down for me to choose my favorite which is the first photo under the title BAHAR MODASI. I just love the whole outfit. The hat, the gloves and even the backround of that image is amazing!
Wool Models: Well don't we all wear sweaters in winter? I know I do! Anyways I don't like wool and turtle neck together it just seems too hot so my fave is the one where the women is pointing her fingers to each other (all the way on the bottom left!). 
For Spring and Summer: Doesn't it seem like these are a bit thick and conservative for summer time? I mean they still have like coats and jackets on some of them. Maybe it was colder back in the days when the sky was more clear and less poluted, I don't know. Anyway I chose three faves for this page which are the first photo on the top left corner and the last two photos on the bottom right. The only one I'm going to talk about is the one with the white collar that looks like a cape. I mean that whole cape thing by itself is a win for me but the dress is also so wonderful! But I can't really say the same about the white head piece :/
Tunic, Lace, Plait: Well these just remind me of the current fashion, espacially the lace part. I actually love all of these expect for maybe the one in the middle on the bottom. I think those are just for grandma's but thats my view of course. But I think my ultimate fave would be the last one (the bottom right). It would be perfect dress to go somewhere special. I mean the neckline is gorgeous and the little belt is just the cherry on top!
I want every single one of these in my wardrobe! I mean for real, please! These are all pretty much the same style. All of them have the tight top and the puffy skirt style. I really like that because I don't like dresses that show every little detail in your body, especially the hips.
5 Models From Tiktiner: Another page I totaly fell in love with! I mean look at that polka-dot dress with the scalloped skirt. Thats just a dreamy dress! Oh and the last one thats glittery reminds me of Cassie Ainswort from skins. She loved gold  and glittery things :)

Hats For Spring: As I've said before I really don't like long hats that show your head like a cone so my fave from the bunch is the one on the bottom right. Its flat on the top and has a nice feminine touch that surrounds the hat.
1960s Spring and Summer Fashion: I don't really have much to say about this page because its not my style. They all look very elegant and going to work outfits but I guess I can say that if I lived in the 60s I wouldn't be interested in these. The only thing I really love in this page is the coat from the first photo. I think it looks very well made and totally exquisite!