Receiving Mail is the Greatest!

 I got mail last week and I had to share it with you guys! Lee-Ann sent me these items because I was lucky to win them. Its so exciting because I will get to use all of these brands for the first time and they all look wonderful! She also added this cute butterfly make-up bag as a suprise which was very nice of her. I don't buy a lot of make-up but recieving these beautiful products makes me want to go out and buy some :) I don't know if its weird to do these kinds of post but I like to do them because I like to thank the person or people who take time to hold giveaways for their readers and actually send them :) So Lee-Ann thanks so much you are so nice and lovely!
I tried the cotton candy revlon lipstick the other day and it was the same color as my lips or maybe even lighter so it didn't show up. It was much more like a balm so I feel it might be great for summer because I wear dark colors in winter and lighten up as summer approaches. Also it smells and tastes soo good!

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