Receiving Mail is the Greatest!

 I got mail last week and I had to share it with you guys! Lee-Ann sent me these items because I was lucky to win them. Its so exciting because I will get to use all of these brands for the first time and they all look wonderful! She also added this cute butterfly make-up bag as a suprise which was very nice of her. I don't buy a lot of make-up but recieving these beautiful products makes me want to go out and buy some :) I don't know if its weird to do these kinds of post but I like to do them because I like to thank the person or people who take time to hold giveaways for their readers and actually send them :) So Lee-Ann thanks so much you are so nice and lovely!
I tried the cotton candy revlon lipstick the other day and it was the same color as my lips or maybe even lighter so it didn't show up. It was much more like a balm so I feel it might be great for summer because I wear dark colors in winter and lighten up as summer approaches. Also it smells and tastes soo good!

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ButangTale Review + Giveaway!

I just received a package from Amiellie who owns ButangTale on etsy and I absolutely love what she sent over to me. Amillie makes button earrings with cute little designs that she comes up with. She really loves art and what she creates. You can even read her information on her etsy page here to actually see how in her own words she describes her feelings about what she does. Personally I think she is really talented. 

The only thing I have to say is that I have little earlobes so the white pair was a bit big on me but for some of you maybe that is not the definition of big so you wouldn't mind that at all. The strawberry one is a bit smaller than that so it is much better and the other two are even smaller which makes them a perfect fit for me. Considering that all ears come in different shapes and sizes the terms big-small will differ from person to person. So I'm really glad she sent different sizes because I got to experiment with them which enabled me to do a better review. Other than that you can already see how wondeful her desings are, they range from cats to floral to abstract and so on. Its versatile and beautiful!
Even the packaging she does shows how much effort she puts into her work! 

Anyways lets get on to the good news! Amillie is so generous that she is also giving away 3 of my readers (yeah you read it right!!) a chance to win $10 credit to her shop on Etsy. Which means that each of the winners will be able to get 4 pair of their own earrings. Choosing any four you'd like from her shop, I mean isn't that an awesome deal? I think it is.
I don't want any misunderstanding: I will not send the ones from the photographs, you'll get 4 NEW UNOPENED earrings of your choice :)

This giveaway will end on April 18th and announced shortly after. It is a WORLDWIDE giveaway!
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To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die/ WIW

You must know by now that I always wear things that are comfortable. I say this because I don't go out and buy something because I think its pretty. I ask myself a ton of questions like; will I be comfortable in this, will it keep me warm, is it cosy, is the material cheap looking, do I need this etc. These questions really do keep me from spending too much because I like saving my money. I save it so I can get the things I really like much more faster & easier.

First of all I absolutely love my boots. I've been looking everywhere for boots before the winter sale was over and then I saw these babies and had to get them. They keep my feet so warm and they are extremely comfortable. Secondly, the bag and the watch are given to me by my mom. She bought the bag in the 80s and the watch even before that but she kept them ever since and since I'm a vintage lover I couldn't resist! Aren't they pretty?! Lastly, this owl necklace was given to my mom by our neighbor at the states. It was so nice of her to give such a beautiful necklace that now I get to use!
Blouse: Gift
Jeans: ADL
Cardigan: LCW
Boots: Bambi
Bag: Vintage
Watch: Vintage
Necklace: Gift/Vintage

Nail Art: Out of This World!

(This photo is with flash- so the colors pop!)
 I'm so sorry I've not been around here. I had actually promised my self that I would at least make a post once a week but I missed last week and I hate that. It's just that school work has gotten intense because in two weeks time we will start our mid-terms so they want us to learn as much as possible. I have a lot of assignments to work on for next week and I'm so frustrated (I might not be around within the week- again). But today I had time to do something and I just had to share it with you guys. This is my first try at galaxy nails and they are not perfect but I like them! I just took a sponge and did whatever haha! But I feel the little stars gave it a sweet touch -I don't know if you can see them but they're there :) Sooo what are your thoughts about my dazzling nails? 
Nicka 009          Kiko 344         Pastel 11         Pastel 01         Milani 68 
The list of the polishes are in order and I didn't have purple (isn't that crazy? all that nail polish but no purple!) but I used pink instead because it blended with the black at the bottom and got a bit darker. I hope you like it. 
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