What I Found #2

I did some online hunting this week and these are my favorite finds! Hope you like them and maybe you'll be lucky enough to even get one for yourself. Some of them are a bit pricey though.

1.Come Sail Away Print Dress- Ruche  2.Poolside Soiree Floral Swimsuit- Ruche 3.Ballet by Degas- Bloom Theory Straps 4.Lazy Cat Ring- Etsy:aprimiao 5.Pinup Girl Rockabilly Retro Necklace- Esty:lolarocks 6.Wooden Faced Sunglasses Cateye- Etsy:Tumbleweeds 7.Studded White Flats- Etsy:CircusBearVintage 

The Sun & Food

Today we had the perfect weather. I woke up at 6.30 and started to get ready as I had finals at 9(yes my school  is a bit far). I got out of the house at 7.30 and got on the bus. I couldn't make to my exam but it was okay because I went in with another group since it only took 10 minutes. Great finals right? Anyway after that I got home and me, my mother and aunt headed out for a little trip to the beauty salon. We got manicures. I'm so glad! The lady there is my mothers friend since like forever and she gave me nail polish as a gift. I love it, I'm going to use it right after the one she put on my nails, which are also awesome. Than we went to get something to eat and headed home. I slept in the car, I was really tired. It was a great day though, hopefully all my days will be as great as today!
Şefo Mantı. The food was delicious!
 The decoration of the cafe/restaurant. I loved the seats!
 What I ordered: Gözleme -a type of pancake, but not exactly-
 What my mother and aunt ordered: Mantı. -turkish ravioli, dumplings boiled and covered with yoghurt and garlic sauce, yes I took this explanation from somewhere.
 Me and a closer look at my favorite ring which is backwards on this photo. Oops! 

Turkish Bazaar

Today I'm seriously really tired and not feeling so well. So I got up perfectly fine and me and my mother decided to go to the bazaar which is a bus ride from here but a long one. Anyway there I got 3 beautiful scarfbands for my hair (I will do a post about those, soon). What are scarfbands you say? Well they are actually scarfs but I'm going to use them as headbands so I call them scarfbands. Maybe there is an already invented word for it. So the bazaar was extremely crowded from how it was last week (it happens once every week) and to give you an idea of how it is there are some photos that I took last week. Actually I brought my camera today but there was no way that I could take it out, there are no words to explain the crowd. 
 Watch stand. So many styles, but I don't really like watches.
 Jewellery, they have so many interesting things for cheap prices remember the numbers you see on here are Turkish lira. You might want to convert it to your own currency! So if we think about 1.50tl it would make 90cents. Not bad.
 These were my fave! Love the green one with the chamomiles I begged my mother for one but she thought it would be useless and she's the one who makes the tea here folks! But I think I'll convince her soon. their price $5.40 :) 
 Spring is definitely here. Look at all these tops! I got one with ice-cream pattern, sweet right?
One of the cutest pattern ever, cats everywhere :o

So here is a little bit of the bazaar taken with my mothers phone! Hopefully they are ok quality for you. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts coming to you every time I get a chance :)

English Home, Love.

Another rainy day here. Oh well, it won't stop me from making the best of it. Anyway I have been buying new things for our room (me and my older sisters) recently like bedspread, pillows, sheets etc. So I thought that the best place would be English Home! Me, my mother and my grandmother (who is 82) went there to get some beautiful stuff. The sales person helped us a lot with our choice but of course first they asked me what I would like. Also, they had a huge sale so we were pretty lucky! Now we have a wonderful room! I told my mom that we should buy 2 of the same things because I thought it would look really weird if they were different. So now our room is a little bit more finished. So as we bought them my grandmother decided that she wanted a set for her self too! So while she was choosing I took photos of things that I would want to see in my room in the future.
 This whole set I fell in love with but mostly the pillow in the middle. Isn't it gorgeous?
 Those cupcake patterned boxes!
This corner, how everything is so well put together *sigh*.
This last photo is all of our bags, the things we took home! They do not involve the any of the above items.

Paris: Part 2

I have shared with you guys the first part of my trip to Paris which you can find  HERE and now I would love to continue from where I have left off. So we left by saying that we were deciding on where to go next and here comes the photographs that explain everything!
Our next stop was Hard Rock Cafe Paris! Something that no one should miss, not in any of the big cities. I wish that on the second photo my reflection didn't show up but it did so no can do :/
We didn't have time to check out what was inside these but I'm sure they were worth seeing. I took their photos so at least I know that I had a chance to walk by them!
A street in Paris. They were all so wonderful and looked antique in other words vintage!
Palais Royal! A wonderful garden even in winter!
Headed to Champs-Elysees. At this point I was feeling a bit sick as it was cold and my stomach started to feel funny.
A photo of me and my sister on our way to Champs-Elysees.
A wonderful, wonderful bridge that is by the Gold Dome. I wish I knew the names of all these places but if I'm correct this is the Ponte Alexander III.
 Than we finally made it to Chapms-Elysees, it was really wonderful. There was a lot of people there even though it was cold. People were in line to see the inside of the stores and I was in a hurry to get back to our hotel room as I was dead beat. 
This was the end of our day. We ended things at the Arc de Triomphe. 
Wait for the rest of my trip! Have a great week.

What I Found! #1

I have been going through the net to find beautiful things and this week I think I'm in love with what I have found. While summer is approaching a lot of things have started to come in color and I love color. Also I love soft and vintage colors so this season I have seen lots and lots of it. Interestingness is also a great factor for me so here comes the little treasures.

1.Flapper Playing Telephone/Sweater Clips Etsy-flapperdoodle 2.French Baguette Earrings Etsy-PetitPlat 3. Placement Floral Dress Oasis 4.Lace Share Top Modcloth 5.Mr Owl Purse Etsy-Titina 6.Yellow Crochet Women's Classic Toms  7. Lomo Diana+Dreamer UrbanOutfitters 

Paris: Part 1

So I left off with telling that we decided to visit France and Italy while we had a visa for Europe.(Valencia P:1 and Valencia P:2) We took off for Paris first from Spain of course. We stayed for 2 days so here comes the photographs! :) You must really know that going to Paris was a dream for me. It was really cold when we went but I still tried to make the best of it. Hopefully I'll be able to go during the summer in the future.
      Paris metro. Our way of travelling around, probably the easiest way for a tourist.
 Tour Eiffel, the best part of our trip. Also, the first part of our trip! I'm glad we went there early because it gets really crowded when it gets close to noon!
 A couple of bird view shots from Eiffel. I loved it but there was a lot of wind. For a second I though I was going to fly!
 Inside shots: The first has to do with how tall Eiffel is and I took the photo because it has Turkey on the list. The second photo is me looking down to Paris! 
 Shots by Le Carrousel. I loved how it smelled Crepes! Yum.
 Stopped to buy some souvenirs.
Stopped by Ladureé and ate some macaroons. The shop was small but very well organised. They wouldn't let us take photographs. So I had to take these secretly.
Went inside a shopping mall, If I remember right Ladureé was here. The design of the mall reminded me of an opera house. It's probably not only me who thinks that way.
After we left the mall my sister took out her map and we started heading to our next stop which you guys will find out soon! Hope you enjoyed the first part of our trip. Have a great weekend!

The Tulip Festival: April

So yesterday we had great weather in Istanbul. I wanted to talk about a festival that happens in Turkey during the month of April. "Tulip Festival" when we get all these different and beautiful tulips around every park and the festival part happens in "Emirgan Korusu" which I didn't have a chance to visit but I went to another great park and took some photos of these beautiful flowers!