Today is a Gift and That's Why We Call It a Present ♥

 Coming home from school and seeing the package I've been waiting for on my bed is the greatest thing ever! A blogger, Tea, who is absolutely lovely sent me these awesome goodies that I was lucky to win :) I was planning on doing a post today but wasn't really up for it or inspired because I just started going to school again after a 40+ days of vacation so I was pretty tired. Nevertheless, I took my photos and here I am. 
Firstly I just wanted to say that she wrote a lovely card for me with a bunch of cute stickers inside which made me smile A LOT! Thank you Tea you are the cutest and I love your blog too!
In the order of the photos I got a couple of Asian Face Masks, Polka Dot Hairtie (I absolutely adore it but my hair is too short to pull that off !), a cute bag from Claire's full of Asian Candy and House Shaped Tin Can, Etude House-Carrot Cheesecake Blush and Pretty Pink Nail Polish, Fimi Facial Foam and Tomatox Brightening Mask.
 That was quite a list but I saved the best for last haha! (The Geek Glasses) =^.^=

My Top 5 Nail Polish ♥

I was looking through some beauty blogs recently and I really liked to read some of them even though I am not that into make-up. I mean my daily routine would be eyeliner and lipstick. That is it. But another thing that I really like to use is nail polish. I have the tiniest hands and nails anyone can ever have at the age of 20 but that doesn't stop me from using polish to make my nails lovely! Anyways these are all the polishes me and my sister own, it might not be much for many people or it may be. I really have no idea what counts as much. Out of all of these I chose my top 5 and my all time favorite and I will let you know why as you read on.
Golden Rose Matte 05     Zoya Mirranda 117z     Kiko 319     Flormar dc01     Pastel 11
For some I couldn't find a priced website but I just wanted you guys to have an idea of the brand if you haven't heard of any of these before. Some may only be available in Turkey but you can always find a color that is similar to these. Before you read about my favorite I just want to say something about my Zoya polish,. Zoya does not make this exact color anymore, I don't know why but I love this one that I can't even use it because I don't want it to end (and it is the only Zoya product I have!). I have talked about the Flormar one before HERE. The rest is just regular polish!
Golden Rose Matte is my absolute favorite! Why? The main reason is that it dries super quick, not more than 10 seconds and I'm not even kidding about that. I'm dead serious, really. This is a huge deal for me because I don't want to spend time airing out my hands so my nails will dry and they never fully dry after it anyway. So I end up forgetting about it and touching places and they get ruined or I just sleep and have shapes on my nails because they weren't properly dried!! After I tried this polish I couldn't stop using it and I'm definitely going to buy all the other colors (they didn't have the ones I wanted when I went to get them). Also, I really love that its matte because I don't like glittery polish so thats a plus for me! 

You said to be cool but I'm already the coolest/WIW

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there! I believe that you are all special and even if you are single there are people out there that love you. Today I wore my new sweater which was a recent purchase that I got on sale and I thought the color was definitely suited for today. I don't really feel that it is a day to be treated speacial but everyone seems to do that so why not make an exception today. 
           Sweater: H&M          Shirt: H&M          Bag: Gift          Shoes: Koton          Pin: Gift               

Sorry that I'm holding the candy in my hand in all of the photos but I threw out the wrapper without thinking that I probably wouldn't eat the whole thing, so I ended up carrying it. I also want to say that it was the first time I used this bag and I really like the tassle detail, it gives me a bohem feel. Also I wanted to ask you guys if you would like to see anything different in my blog, like maybe if I write more or put more photographs. So tell me anything, if you would like to ask me questions I will put my email here soon but for now you can reach me on my twitter, I'm usually active! :)

PS: I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow! 

What I Found #9

1 2 3
1 2 3

I have been going around my favorite websites and tracking down my favorite items and these are the ones that made the cut! As you can see I have a bit of a cat sweater obsession right now. This started when I found this website called many will probably know this website. I was going to purchase the last one on the right but than I read all these horrible reviews about the website that I just could hit the checkout button. If you have ever purchased anything from sheinside I would love to hear your reviews so I can make up my mind already! :)

The studded shoes and the shorts are from topshop and I think those shorts are on sale! I don't wear shorts at all but I can't help sharing this one as it is pretty awesome!

The last one is a wonderful record player brooch! Look at all the little details I love it.