Scarfbands You Say?

A while back I went to the Turkish Bazaar which I have mentioned on a post and bought what I call scarfbands. They are not headbands and they are too thin to actually be scarfs. So I call them scarfbands. I bought them to use it for my hair and yesterday I sat down and tried on different styles with my newly bought scarfbands. You'll love the patterns on these cuties and they are sooo soo cheap. One was 55 cents! So that means I spent a total of $1.65 on all of them. Neat right? I'll surely never regret buying these.
I must say that the last one is my fave, which one is your fave? 

First Roll of Film After 5 Years.

So a while back I got two gifts from my grandmother. Both of them were film cameras. They had them for a really long time. The first one she gave me was shcwarzkopf. (I know you might say it is a brand for hair products, and I have no idea how they got the camera) This little camera had its flash attached to it and when I opened to see the back I found that there was film in it too! Maybe over 20 years old. I thought probably half of it was burnt but I still wanted to shoot over it to see the result. It might come out interesting I thought to myself. The second camera was Smena 8m. I haven't used it yet but I have heard that it is a totally manual camera. I have watched videos about it so that while I'm shooting I don't mess up any film. It is sitting in my room for now. But Firday I got that obviously expired and burnt film developed. I got 25 out of 36 photos. Which was pretty good considering the condition. Out of the 25 4 of them I can't make out anything. So that leaves me off with 21 photos. Still over 20. Which makes me happy.

You can find some of these photos on my  FLICKR  page.

What I Found #3

We have been having really great weather lately and this made me happy. Today I lost something and I'm sad about it. Trying to forget it but my mother is pretty sad about it too. She thinks I'm not responsible enough. Well I'll make her believe otherwise, soon, again. Anyway I had finals today and I was pretty dead beat and didn't know what I was doing most of the time. I guess the sun got to me. I'm literally melting and I melted on the road because I use public transportation to get to school and it takes about an hour and half. Yes I know it sucks, really bad. So it is time to post the little treasures I have found or came across on the net!

1. Sunday Morning Classic Dress Ruche 2.Seahorse Bracelet Blanco 3.Jade with Love Dress Modcloth  4.White Clutch Etsy:FASHIONRERUN 5.Handbag Zara  6.White Leather Oxfords Etsy:gottabvintage 7. Oxford Shoes 1970s Etsy:WearitWellvintage 

J'adore Chocolatier&Patiesserie

On Friday a couple of friends and I got together and decided to hang out at Taksim. One of the places in Istanbul. It's a bit far from my house about 2 hours. Actually it would take less if they were no traffic but what can I do, it's Istanbul. 
So we decided to go to a cute little café there called J'adore. I had never been there before but some of my friends have. They said that the deserts and drinks were worth to be eaten and drunk. I don't know if that is the right way to explain how tasty the things were. Of course I had my camera with me because I wanted to show that Istanbul has more good sides than bad ones. There are so many cafes like this that you'll totally enjoy if you ever happen to come and see this beautiful enormous city!
 Don't you just love my friend Hilal's cat eye sun glasses!
My friend Hilal brought this fan with her and we had so much fun taking photos while we sat! This one is my fave. She is Gökçe, my other friend. I love her green eyes! 
 Protest going on at Istiklal Cad, Taksim. It's normal so no worries.
Took a photo of this cute little dog that was sitting on this vintage chair outside of a cute little vintage store. I'm definitely going back there soon! 

Paris: Part 3

Finally I had the time to gather all the photos and continue with the rest of the trip. I can't believe how many photos I took. I don't want to put 147182 photos on here so I chose the most important ones. Today I'm going to continue with our second day of Paris and you can find my last post HERE if you have missed something. So the second day we decided to head to Musee du Louvre! One of the most exciting part of our trip. 
 Started our trip at the Subway of course! Look how happy I am.
 Outside view from Louvre.
 My sister trying to figure out the map and the most important things to see as we have so little time!
 Heading to our first destination!
 Our first destination was of course Mona Lisa! I wouldn't want to say we went to The Louvre and had no time to see Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous work of art!
 Some examples of the ceilings. I can't believe how much detail we're on them. It was mesmerising.
 An artist painting the same exact painting on the wall. Which was interesting to watch.
 One statue out of 2847921841 that were there. Just to give an idea of how neatly it was organised. They had everything there from almost every known artist. 
 My photograph with dum dum haha. Reminds me of Night at the Museum.
 Some other island statues. Too cute and meaningful.
 The last one is The Dying Slave from Michelangelo. One of his finest works.
 Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
 The Turkish Bath. 
 A painting of the Louvre inside the Louvre. Weird huh.
 On our way to the Sphynx, which we managed to get not one decent photo of, we saw this. I don't know exact name but it has to do with Egypt, obviously.
Leaving one of the best places on earth. The Louvre was extra-ordinary. I wish to go there again and have more time to check out everything. Thanks for reading and hopefully like my trip to the museum. I have so many other photos but I think I summed it up enough with these! Have a great weekend!