Istanbul on Film

Such a hectic time I am going through right now. Exams, exams, exams. But before all of this I went and got myself a film camera and I wanted to test it out before the weather got unbearably cold. The moment I got my camera I walked around and took some photos of my wonderful city. If you ever do visit Istanbul please let me know, it would be really awesome to talk about it. (Of course these photographs involve only a tiny tiny tiny tiny..part of Istanbul)
Have a lovely day! Oh and also have you realized my new social media buttons? Lauren from Your Title Here made them for me! I love how she played with the colors :)

Book of Nature: Pressing Plants

Probably the cheesiest title I have ever come up with but it is the truth. This is my book of nature. It is where I keep my lovely pressed plants. I have been pressing plants my whole life (who hasn't) but it has never accured to me until this year that I could actually keep them forever on these wonderful pages.
The plants that I have collected have always somehow dissappeared from the pages of the heavy books I kept them in but now I take them into my precious little notebook and play around with them to see how they would look good, or how they would not break (believe me they are so fragile at this point). Right now these are the only plants I have gotten this Autumn. Maybe in the future I will stumble upon more beautiful plants that I could fill up the pages with. 
 This is probably my favorithe page right now. I love that when I collected that plant it was closer to a blackish purple but now it is becoming lighter and much more beautiful. So here are a couple close-up shots.
 If you have free time in your hands, this is definitely an activity to fill it up with. Oh and thank you for all the wonderful comments you have been leaving! You guys are my favorite :)

What I Found #7: Empty Casket

I found out about Empty Casket a while back and I really love their pieces. I think that they are very original and I kinda wish I had all of them! So that is why I dedicate this post to this shop and I think that you all will love it!
Silver Deer Skull (This is my favorite!)