What I Found #4

My finals have come to an end today but I still have to do some studying as I might have not passed from one. I'm not sure yet because I'm waiting for my exact score but I think I still have to take another exam. Anyway. Today it was extremely hot and I was literally melting. I'm usually not the sweater but today it was impossible not to sweat. It's okay though I live in peace with my body but obviously the outside world doesn't because I got the sun to my head again! I slept today a lot and still sleeping while I'm writing this post. Such a sleepy head. Sorry guys. So I found a couple of things on the net that I would really love to have and one them I'm in a give away for. Who knows maybe I'll win. By the way I really want to host a giveaway right now but I feel like I should wait for a while. It's too soon.
1.Sweeter Than Cherries Printed Dress Ruche  2.Neck Tie Etsy:flappergirl  3.La Sardina+Flash Lomo Turkey 4.Donut Necklace Blanco  5.Straw Hat Accessorize 6.Brooklyn Bag ONAbags  7.Shoes topshop