Rome: Part 1

Hello everyone! I have decided to not make a post because I have to but because I think it is fun and recently I haven't been thinking anything. Today I thought to spend some time here and share the rest of my Eurotrip. I have been making posts about Valencia (part:1-part:2) and Paris (1-2-3-4) but now it's time for Rome! Which is another wonderful city that I had a chance to visit. Here are some of the photos from our trip.

 Me sitting on the steps of Piazza di Spagna. It was a bit cold thats why I was wearing gloves (It was February)
 The view from Piazza di Spagna.
 Piazza di Spagna.
 On our way to Vatican City.
 There was a carnival going on so we stopped for an hour or so and enjoyed all the interesting things happening. This is my sister!
The rest of the photos I took while going to Vatican City. I thought that they showed what Rome was actually all about. The mini restaurants, bikes and of course Vespa. I have a collage coming to you of how many of these bikes there were but I'll be sharing that at the end! Hope you enjoyed my short post, I will continue.
PS: You can find some of my Italy, Rome photographs on my Flickr page!